Monday, April 10, 2017


If I'm going to wake in the wee hours every morning,
might as well get up and take a look out the windows.

What a gift for a person who - sometimes, still - yearns for travel.

I loved living in the mountains.
I was just travelling through
and I stayed seven years.

I've always dreamt of living on the shore of a lake.
I wonder if I ever will.

The ghost-moon reflecting in the double panes
was confusing my camera,
so I opened the window.

It didn't help with the focus.

But that's when I heard the owl.


  1. Reads like a poem :) Beautiful shots. I knew the moon was a beauty last night but was too tired to go out and look.

  2. Aw, how wonderful! The moon, the sky, the lake that I could see in your photos, and finally the owl. Beautiful.

  3. Can you have goats and live by the lake? :) I wasn't sure we'd see the full moon last night as it's been hazy here all week, but it was big, bright and beautiful and right out my back door.

  4. Ooh, wonderful pictures! Enjoyed your thoughts...

  5. Beauty like that AND an owl makes being up in the wee hours almost worth it.

  6. Wonderful! Loved that first shot. And 'Granny Sue' is right - you should play around with that a little, maybe?

  7. Beautiful pictures. Even when I'm awake at 3am I've never thought to pick up my camera :)


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