Sunday, July 17, 2016

sunday snaps

Piper and I were determined to get into the woods today.
I packed water, snacks, and the camera.
And a special rawhide chew in case Piper was Extra Good.

It was very hot and humid. We didn't walk far.
Piper wasn't even interested in running way ahead.
Or running in circles around me.

Or running.

And as soon as I chose a spot and took off my pack,
she carefully chose a spot also.

Look at that draped tail.
Too humid to wag!

Not too humid to roll though!


But just one good shake and she's re-styled.

We stayed on a slope by the pond for a long time.
So long, a few birds began to land in nearby trees.
 This bird perched high overhead.
I have no idea what kind of bird it is - do you?

 I think it may have been bathing,
and flew onto the branch to fluff and dry.

It took much longer than Piper to style it's look.
For that matter, it took longer than I do.
"Obviously! Just look at your hair!"

Why, is it full of twigs?
Because I've been walking though high bushes? 

I didn't take many, because it's such an important wildlife food.
But...I couldn't resist a few.


I hope your weekend contained some Extra Good bits.
As good as highbush blueberries.
And even better than rawhide chews.

Let's hold on to the good moments.


  1. When our dog rolls, it's a cause for concern - usually it's something dead and/or stinky he's found :P.
    I would find it hard to resist those luscious looking blueberries too!

    1. It happens rarely, thank goodness, but once last year Piper rolled in something so foul I seriously considered walking her home (2 miles) and then walking back alone to pick up the Little Green Sportswagon. I was tired already, so I drove, all windows open, and Piper got hosed off at home and then taken to the groomer. It took WEEKS to air out the car!

  2. Those blueberries looked wonderful!

    I love Piper's bed-head. That was a serious hairdo.

    (And that looks like a catbird.)

    1. Thanks for the bird ID! And yes, Piper has a style all her own :)

  3. Don't know what kind of bird that is, but I think it very well could be a catbird as Sally suggested. Piper is so gorgeous, no matter the hair style. And blueberries - real, honest to goodness REAL blueberries...not that I'm envious or anything.

    1. Wild blueberries are just so much tastier than the cultivated ones in the store, aren't they? This looks like a fabulous year for them, despite the heat and lack of rain.

  4. Great photos. Piper in the woods is precious. The bird does look like a catbird from what I've seen on line. Perhaps its a young one.
    Blueberry picking in Massachusetts, your area was a favorite fun time when I was a kid. They were all over the place.

  5. My goodness - Piper is adorable. Looks like a great hiking companion too!

  6. Oh, that Piper is a wild thing. HA! Actually, I woke up this morning looking just like that. :) So humid here the past couple of days. Great pics!

  7. Oh, Piper is delightful! I love the picture of him rolling. he looks like he is having such fun! And blueberries... yum!


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