Friday, December 30, 2016

just before dawn

There isn't much light for photographs right now.
The first hint of dawn is just peeking through the trees:

That bright spot isn't the sun; it's the lightness well above the sun.

It snowed all day yesterday, and most of the night.
Heavy, wet snow. Some is already dropping in big wet clumps.

I'm hoping for a light wind, to bring more off the trees.
If it freezes or if we get a strong wind,
there will likely be a lot of breakage.

 This squirrel was quite perturbed by the snow on the feeder.
In a dozen photographs, that tail never stopped twitching!

More snow is predicted for Saturday.

This is the time of year when one does not "put off til tomorrow."
If something can be done now, then "now" is the time to do it.
As soon as the sun is up, I will be outside.

I hope wherever you are, the sun comes up on a peaceful world.


  1. Very pretty. It just poured rain here.

    I love the ghost tail on that squirrel!

  2. The snow is pretty.
    Heavy snow here that was slippery once shoveled off. Its like walking on ice in some places.

  3. I just found my feed has stopped feeding Comptonia. This will not stand! Signed up again. Lovely pix. Nearly missed them.

  4. We have quite enough snow here too. More in the forecast. Good thing we don't plan to be doing any partying to usher in the new year and will be staying home where it's dry and warm. Happy 2017 wishes to you Quinn- may it be happy and filled with blessings for you.

  5. Happy New Year, Quinn! Jealous of your snow, we've only had a couple light scatterings. We had a little bit this morning but it was soon gone. What's winter without snow??

  6. It sure is that time of year. It sounds as if winter has hit you full force now. I hope that your body is holding up to the extra work as well as you can hope for. I love those precious moments before sunrise... so peaceful.

  7. Winter snow and cold here as well. The squirrels all but knock on the door when their food dish is empty.Pretty pics.


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