Monday, July 4, 2016

happy day of your choice

Thank you for your kind comments on my little ink drawings - I really appreciate your encouragement. I haven't done much drawing since I was a youngster, and more or less stopped completely as I became a photographer. Come to think of it, before #DrawingAugust2015, my last attempt at drawing or painting was an intensive week-long class at a museum school. It was intense; drawing all morning and painting all afternoon. The funny part is, I was taking classes because my first photography show was coming up and I wanted access to the museum's darkroom. That's where I was at night!

Ancient history. Or herstory.

But now, just picking up a pen or (exciting! new!) watercolor pencils and playing around is probably a good habit for me to try to develop. It both requires and allows the kind of focus that puts every recirculating thought - big or small, but nagging, all - out of my mind for a little while.

The perpetual Task List.
The neighbors with their illegal fireworks.
Whether Piper needs a dental appointment.
If an affordable vehicle will miraculously appear.
And if so, will it be before my car implodes?

And so on.


when a half-hour walk over hill and dale
with a happy companion...

takes you to a studio that looks like this...

and you've remembered to bring insect repellent,
a water bottle, and treats for the mid-sketching game of

"Waaaait....go FIND it!"...

"This is the Waaaait part! Look how good I am at this!"

well, it's a gift to spend 15 minutes or so in quiet focus.

On a little plant next to your knee, say.

And even if you have to get back up and walk again,

before you can sit a little while longer...

It's all good.

Piper says so! 

If you celebrate Independence Day,
I hope you are having a good one!

And if you don't celebrate the Fourth of July, perhaps you might consider celebrating Piper Day? It's a floating holiday, comes around as often as you like, and is suitable for celebrating in all sorts of happymaking ways :)

"Everybody loves Piper Day!"


  1. Oh, I'll celebrate Piper Day anytime! Wish I could be there to provide special behind-the-ear-and-tummy skritches in person.

    1. She would follow you all the way back to Canada! Then it could be an International holiday!

  2. I like they idea of Piper Day a lot. Yes, doing that.

  3. Huzzah for Piper Day.

    It's been great weather the last few days. Those are wonderful pictures of the woods.

    1. Yes! We've had three days of heavenly weather, and it certainly put a spring in everyone's step!

  4. Piper looks so happy! And I really like your sketches. They look perfect for water color (something I never could get the hang of).

    1. Have you ever tried water color pencils? Sometimes a New Thing to experiment with opens up an ability to let go and play :)

  5. Yes indeed! I'd much prefer to celebrate Piper Day with a romp through the woods and a sketching session. :)

  6. Piper day sounds pretty good. And I love the look of your studio. I do admire people with the talent to draw, paint - or indeed make anything!

  7. I like the idea of Piper Day. I bet that no yahoos shoot off guns from 10-11PM at night on Piper Day!

    It sounds like you and Piper have had lovely dates, enjoying the verdant NE forest and making wonderful drawings! Wow - you have so many talents!

  8. Great photos! Piper looks like such a happy soul to have as a companion. Happy Piper Day!

  9. Those watercolor pencils would inspire me too :) Piper Day sounds like a great plan!


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