Saturday, March 5, 2016

five anxious minutes

After much calling back and forth with the papa owl this evening,
the mama owl suddenly stood up, stretched her wings,
and took off.

I hoped very hard that the papa owl was nearby,
perched just out of camera range, perhaps in the nest tree.

Because it's hard not to see vulnerability here:

Within five minutes...
Mama was back.
Checking the babies, settling down to keep them warm.

And beginning another night of
watching, watching, watching
with those enormous eyes.

Now I can knit.


  1. So fun to see these pictures. Those fuzzy little babies are so cute.

    1. Wait til they open their eyes and grow "big bird" feathers :)

  2. So neat thanks for sharing, they are such regal birds. It's hard to think those little ball of fluff will grow into that.

  3. Watching those Web cams does give us anxious moments but I guess we have to trust that mama birds know what they're doing.

  4. Wow, that's so great to see!
    I saw her the other morning calling, and looking around, but didn't stick around to watch.

  5. Thankyou for sharing these fabulous photos!

  6. Great photos. It's amazing how wildlife is able to survive all the dangers that are out there. Hope they continue to be safe and thrive. :)

    1. I was so happy to see both the babies safely fledged last year - fingers crossed for the same happy result this year!

  7. It is amazing to see intimate scenes like these. It makes me realize how every animal who grows up into an independent adult is a miracle. I feel that way about the cubs in the bear den I'm monitoring... it seems so tough to make it through the early part of life.

  8. What a wonderful scene to watch. Lovely photos!


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