Wednesday, September 16, 2015

choose 1, times 2

Top of my to-do list today: choose replacement for nearly-defunct camera. The research has been going on for several weeks, and I've narrowed it to three models. I am so tired of "shopping," even online.

My little camera has served me very well. I'll miss it. Here's one reason why: I took both these snaps from my chair in the Upper West Side paddock. One right after the other. Snap-snap.

See that yellow oval?
(It was easier than an arrow.)

Here's what's in it:

Not a tremendously sharp image, it's true.
But not too shabby for a camera that fits in my pocket.


In other news, I'm planning a dyepot before the month is out.
Perhaps using "ordinary" dyes instead of botanicals this time...

but haven't made up my mind yet.
Because first, I have to choose the base yarn.

I've been pondering this for a few weeks,
and finally had it narrowed down to two.

(Just noticed a pattern developing here.)

I emailed the seller, who I've not bought from in several years.
Asked if I might have a few sample yards of each of the 2 bases.
(There is a minimum purchase amount - a kilo - 
so this is a big decision/investment for me.)

The owner kindly sent the two samples,
each one wrapped with a tiny dyed sample of that base.
Which is just brilliant.
Dyeing is always an adventure,
but it's nice to start with a clue of how the yarn may behave.

And because Sheila knew what I was looking for in a base,
she also sent four more samples.

It was like getting surprise candy samples in the mail.

And because I know there are fiber folk reading this blog,
and some of you are dye-dabblers like myself,
I'm including a link and a shout-out to Sheila at

Thanks so much, Sheila.
I have now narrowed my choices down.
To three.

P.S. Do you sell cameras?


  1. I tend to decide as rapidly as I do everything else, so this deliberation is interesting and strange to me! While you're thinking, how do you insert that oval??? Interested readers need to know.

    1. Do the quick decisions always work out for you? I make instant decisions about some things, but other decisions can take a loooong time. And costly mistakes - like my current laptop - really rankle.
      The oval is a text "o" added in Picasa.

  2. Hmmm - do I sense an eenie-meenie-miney and a moe about to happen?

  3. I have the same problem with shopping. I go around and around and around, especially when it comes to camera stuff! It takes courage to finally hit that "buy now" button! I hope you find the right camera very soon!

  4. I have an old Canon that I've never learned to use properly but the zoom on it is great and helps with taking bird photos. Otherwise, I just use my iPhone for everything, though I wish it had a wider view and could zoom better. Good luck finding one and with your dyeing project.

  5. Decisions: impossible for them all to work. But regret for those that don't is a waste of energy to me. Because you did the best you could at the time.

    1. Agree about uselessness of regret. What I feel about this laptop is not regret. I did make a careful choice, and it's been educational. But also a very costly lesson.

  6. My small easy to carry FinePix F80 EXR gave me years (4+/-) of quality photos before problem set in (zoom and bits inside the lens). When I replace it, I'll be looking at a Canon or Pentax. I think the Amazon reviews are a good shopping asset. Internet search using problem words to find glitches with the brand and model you chose. Good luck with whatever you chose.

    1. Thanks for weighing in. I find Amazon reviews helpful if the person writing them has had the camera for a while and uses it intensively and in a similar way that I use a camera. Unfortunately, Amazon starts asking buyers for reviews almost immediately after the purchase, and many people comply - often in the first throes of "yay! new camera!" ;)
      There are a few trade and independent reviewers I like to check. My favorite, for the thoroughness and consistency of reviews, is cameralabs: one person, independent, very helpful to me.


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