Sunday, May 31, 2015

a bit more gardening

I'm going to try to plant a little something every day.
It may not be possible,
but I will try.

Yesterday I planted a few things at the town plot:

Root crops!!

 And just look at Piper, checking my pea placement:

She is such a stickler for even spacing.

Today I gardened at home;
expanding the fenced area of the terrace garden,
transplanting four butternut squash seedlings,
and putting in a block of sweet corn:

Can't you just taste that sweet corn?

I was determined to get the corn in before the rain began,
so I worked until I sort of fell over,
and finished just before the first drops fell.
Very satisfying.

Now we are expecting two days of rain.
If it's off and on, I may be able to do more planting.
If not, I'll at least do some prepping for related tasks,
because Wednesday I've got a new helper coming
to work with me on gates and fencing for a couple of hours.

But as soon as weather permits, I will be planting:

more seeds!

I'm done buying seeds for the year now, I think.
(I'm pretty sure.)

And as I say goodbye to the Dog Days of August
which came in May this year,
I'd like to share one bit of quite thrilling garden news.

Guess what this is:

Or maybe I should say,
guess where  this is...

because this Red Kuri Squash is
the very first planted seed to sprout in the

the adventure continues.


  1. Yay Gardening!
    No yay on all the rain this week-end.
    The new mulch here is rearranged, and in one place the new drip system (instead of gutters) is down to the soil.

    Do you keep a calendar noting what you plant and when?
    Every year I think to do that, and every year I forget to do that. lol

    1. Glad to hear your new garden is underway! I usually start out with a chart or a little sketch map, but at some point forget to record things. Or forget what I did with the piece of paper. This year, I'm starting with a map and list on the laptop, so we'll see how it goes. I hope I don't lose the laptop ;)

  2. I'm so happy to be getting rain. I wish it would stop temporarily this morning so I could get out and pick a few things. But I'm not seeing any breaks right now. We got an inch yesterday. I'm hoping for another inch today. We so need it.

    1. We really do! After all that snow, it's not what I expected for Spring...80s and humid, but the ground dry as dust. A couple of days of gentle rain is welcome!

  3. I love when the rain helps. Rain here took care of my patio and the one next door I'm tending for my absent friend. Your gardening is coming along a treat.

  4. HOORAY for squash! Jealous of your garden. Caliche doesn't like to let me grow anything. XOXO

    1. But you have all those lovely succulents and cacti, right? Maybe you could make pickled prickly pears! wish I'd gotten around to trying that when I had dozens of them in my pasture in CO.

  5. Don't you love little seedlings that sprout up on their own? I think that just adds to their hardiness. I followed the link for the "raised bed" and read through that post. Now I'm curious ... does Dara still hop into your lap for a cuddle?

    1. Npt sure if I can post a clickable link in a comment, but you might enjoy this post re Dara:

  6. This all looks very exciting. We may be about to acquire an allotment ... I'm so hoping it will happen :)

    1. Oh I hope so, too! Will you grow dyeplants?

  7. You go Girl! :D I have yet to plant a single thing, unless of course you count the plants that have been relocated to new areas. It was blistering hot and the bugs wicked and then it suddenly turned cold and rainy. I haven't been able to be out in the garden now for 3 straight days!!! My raised beds were supposed to go in yesterday, umm, not so much! :( I fear if I don't purchase some already started plants I won't have a single veg to show for this seasons work, *sigh*! Oh well, I can always come over here and drool over your garden :D
    Hugs for now,
    Beth P

  8. You and I are on similar missions right now!! And you are making amazing progress! My lettuce seeds that I planted on May 1 just sprouted... so we are waaaaay behind you!

  9. I love the idea of planting something every day. I try to do just that every year and every year I fail! I've changed that to doing something toward food every day and I'm a little better at that.

  10. We spent Tuesday doing hard labour at our son's place. Their gardens were absolutely overgrown with 'stuff' and needed a major overhaul. They just moved in last summer and didn't get a chance to do anything and who knows when it was last looked after. Now I hurt. I have aches on top of aches and can identify muscles that I never knew I had and, quite truthfully, hope I never have to feel again. Next time they call and ask for help, we're going to be very busy - elsewhere.

  11. Our planting season is over now that temps are nearing 120 and will only get hotter. Today is also very humid which makes things mucky. Good luck with all your plantings. Lots of people plant corn here around their homes. I wonder if they actually get corn or just use it as a decorative plant since it seems to grow pretty well during the winter season. I've never planted from seed. Will give it a go in the Fall. Take care, Tammy


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