Monday, November 30, 2015


Saturday was downright balmy.
For much of the day, I worked in shirtsleeves.

Saturday night the temperature plummeted again.

Sunday morning was nose-bitingly cold,
but sunny and still.
Very pleasant. Very beautiful.

I took these pictures en route to the barn.

As the rising sun reached each plant, the frost melted.
Plants two feet apart looked completely different.

I had to work fast.

This meant chores were postponed for ten minutes.

Background music for these images was provided by
a cacophony of outraged goatsong,
courtesy of the Cloud Harvest gang.

I will not be uploading the audio.

You're welcome. 

The shrill voices of Tansy and Fern rose above the entire herd.

You would not believe how indignant two tiny goats can be.
As if those two fuzzy little pudgeballs are lacking for grub!

I think they didn't want to set a precedent.
"Photography before breakfast?
Not on our watch!"


And now November ends as a new week begins.
And it's time to head for the barn.

I hope you have a wonder-full Monday.


  1. Oh, for some frost......................

    We've got 39oC here today. Not normal for this time of year - this kind of heat only hits us from mid-January to mid-March. I'm wilting.

  2. No one would want to live next to us if your kids and my girls got together. They both act like starved obnoxious children, oh and throw abused in there
    too. And you and I love everyone of them. May I add most of the time. Continue to enjoy your day.

  3. The frost is so lovely on the leaves and greenery. I've missed you and your goat gang. My laptop had a coffee problem and needed to be fixed. :) Happy to be back in working order again. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Beautiful pictures
    As I was reading I wondered what the goats are doing. They're never a disappointment.
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Wonderful gallery of images. Thank-you. To those of us who are far from animal farms, local ones all about crops, a soundtrack would have been fun. But then we can turn it off at will.

    1. A "mute button" would come in handy at times, especially when I'm trying to work out the math for one of my little carpentry projects. And it's cold. And it's nearly dark. Like last night, for instance! ;)

  6. Who knew that goats were capable of nagging? What fun. Beautiful photos, so all the noise was worthwhile.

  7. When you said chores were ten minutes late, all I could think of was how my goats would be hollering their heads off! LOL I see yours are no exception. :)

    1. Honest to Pete, you'd think they had a bus to catch!

  8. Wow, the audio would have been fun! I love the frosty photos... on the fallen leaves. I'm glad that you stopped to take the photos, no matter how the goats felt about it!

  9. Beautiful frost pictures! We've had very little frost this year and only one snowfall. Very odd for us ... we've been "too warm" (is there such a thing in December?)

  10. HAHAHAHAHA - selfish goats! LOVE these frost photos - they look SO soft!


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