Sunday, October 18, 2015


These golden, glowing days...
they are so short.

Sunrise on Mount Tansy

And the mornings are often quite chilly.

Three weeks ago, I remembered that I own slippers and placed them by the bed. Two weeks ago, I pulled my flannel-lined dungarees from the back of the drawer and hung them next to my barn coat, by the door.

The chore list now includes many items under "before winter!"
Last week, I taught my Occasional Helper how to sweep a chimney. Delegation is not one of my strong suits, but I certainly get a lot of practice these days.

We've been extraordinarily lucky this Autumn.
Many, many sunny days.
Not a lot of rain or wind.

So even while this is going on:

there has often been a little gem of a miracle
popping up where least expected, to delight the eye:

Haven't seen a pansy flower in months...

Many days have been warm enough to spend a half-hour or more out in the paddocks, knitting in my lawn chaise. It's an ideal way to bond with the herd. They come to see me if they feel like visiting, but there are no treats and no interference with their activity. It's Quality Time, goat-style.

Betula, browsing his way toward me.

Tilting back in the chaise, the view:

While I was taking that picture, Fern trotted over and suddenly stuck her little nose into the ziplock bag containing my ball of yarn, grabbed it, and bolted gaily away. Of course, the yarn was still attached to the knitting in my pocket, so to Fernie's great surprise it "fought back" and she dropped it.

It didn't take me too long to get all the dried leaf and bits of twigs and dirt off the yarn ball, once I managed to get it back. And two minutes later, didn't Fern come back for another try!
Looks determined, doesn't she?

Last night, it was 32.5F at bedtime.
My hands got too cold for knitting.
I reluctantly closed the window by my bed.
That window has been open for months.

Blue Not Blue: undyed Bluefaced Leicester yarn

I think - oh, I hope! - we will have more warm days.
I want that window open again.
But today just felt bone-chillingly cold to me.

This was Tsuga's extra water bucket at noon.

And in case there was any doubt where we are headed,
there was a brief snow flurry.

Guess I'd better keep working away at that list, right?

Hope your weekend was lovely
and your new week is getting off to a perfect start!


  1. Yup, keep working on that list. We're doing the same thing. I hate the day that we close the windows for the winter :(

    Fern is a little character. I chuckled at her "trick"!

    And, I love your leaves - so brilliant. And the pansy is truly a gift.

  2. This week my husband put the flannel sheets (but not the heated mattress pad) on the bed. Yesterday my cosmos all wilted from the overnight frost. Winter is on its way ... I love the undyed socks!

    1. Stages of cold weather response! Oh yeah. Next for me is moving everything away from the woodstove and filling up the parlor woodbox.
      Sounds like we had out first frost on the same night! I neglected to bring my potted begonias in beforehand - they are looking pretty sad and sorry now. Fingers crossed they will recover - they are my winter houseplants!

  3. I've never heard of / seen "flannel lined disagrees"! Barefoot time for me...

    Yoy reckon you'rd in for a heavy or mild winter?

    1. The forecast is "warm" but that is REALLY relative! And my goats are already growing very dense undercoats...

  4. Quinn, That's so funny Fern trying to play a game with you!

  5. Betula is a very handsome fellow indeed, and Fern gave me my first chuckle of the day. I thought of getting a couple of miniature goats they seem like so much fun. My neighbor had one and it was very mischievous, so I changed my mind. If I'm unable to chase a chicken what chance do I have with a goat. How ever now the girls are under foot as soon as they know i'm outside, which has it's own issues. So I'll just enjoy your's from a distance.
    Enjoy Today

    1. I have goats so others don't have to. It's a public service ;)

  6. Gotta love a goat with a sense of humour! Been below freezing here for a couple of nights so I guess it's time for the warmer sheets. No windows open due to allergies (it was windy today and both Jack and I are now suffering mightily, which we expected when we went out, but it couldn't be avoided).

  7. Goats are such fun, and I love that little Fern's determined look! We got snow flurries on the weekend too .... brrr! I keep leaving the screen door open forgetting that the furnace is on. I hate closing out the fresh air. It looks beautiful in your area Quinn. Do you find the goats are extra playful and wild at this time of year? Our goats and horse used to be full pep and silliness when the brisk autumn weather crept in. Enjoy your day ... we're in for a week of rain and had a big thunderstorm last night!

    1. Closing the windows has such a sense of finality to it, doesn't it? Even though of course it isn't final at all. But still...I was going to say "at least it isn't raining" but maybe it is where you are. Hope you don't really get a whole week of it!

  8. Silly goat! Glad to hear you are enjoying knitting outdoors. Still hot and humid here. Not scorching but sticky the past few days. Everything is just rather blah. I have to force myself to go places to have a change of scenery and find something lovely to gaze upon. It seems MA and NY had some snow flurries, too, from other posts I've read. Still waiting for a true weather change to happen around here. Take care, Tammy

    1. Tammy, just thinking about sticky weather makes me feel so much better about winter coming! Thanks for that perspective :)

  9. I know you're not going to want to hear this, but I miss seasons! REAL seasons. And I had my SIL's lab do that to a knitting project in my lap this summer...I'm thinking Fern's mouth was a little softer and less slobbery than what I was left with! XOXO

    1. Oh, I like seasons, too. It's just that there is so much to be done before winter, and there never seems to be enough time to get it all finished...and then it's Too Late.
      And you're right - don't tell Piper I said this, but goats have much nicer mouths than dogs :)

  10. Oh my, we've been under a frost advisory for the past several nights and I am so hoping we don't get it yet. Still, you've got some gorgeous seasonal photos!

  11. Old man winter is coming your way much faster than ours. We have had several frosts but the days have been warming up nicely. I'll try to head some of my warmth up your way if you'll send me snow this winter LOL : ) Love the photos as always!

    1. Ha! I would be very happy to take you up on that trade :)


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