Friday, June 19, 2015

in the mail

Sometimes I forget to pick up my mail.

Last Winter (which seems like last week), the snowplow buried my little letterbox under a massive mountain of sequential accumulations. For months I could only get my mail if I drove into town and picked it up at the Post Office.

Since 95% of my mail is requests for donations, I didn't mind fetching it weekly, after visiting the library or taking my rubbish and recycling to the dump.

But when Spring rolled around (which seems like yesterday), I needed to either repair my home box or formally switch to renting a P.O. Box.
And since lots of things cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box, I opted for (wonky) repair.

Now, I'm getting back into the habit of checking the mail daily, usually after moving goats to the Lower West Side, or weeding the (growing!) perennial bank along the driveway.

And it's a Great Day in Letterbox Land!

Along with a donation request from an antiquarian society...

and this month's electric bill...

I found one of my favorite things:

A Package!

Containing a surprise!!

A wonderful surprise from my bloggyfriend Sandra,

It's a special little vented stoneware pot for the microwave! I can hardly wait to try it out. It came with recipes for things like Broccoli Garlic Saute, and a quick way to cook an onion instead of slowly sauteing on the stove (which I don't like to do because it takes so long my entire house becomes filled with a tear-producing miasma for a day or more).

This is exciting stuff!

And look how well it fits in with my decor!

Thanks so much, Sandra - I appreciate the surprise gift and the kind thought behind it. Although we've never (yet) met in person, it seems you know me so well:




  1. Oh what a delightful surprise you got in the mail!!
    oh happy day--

  2. Wonderful - lucky you :)

    Have you thought if going to the dump after you've collected your (junk) mail? Then you'll have less to collect (and collect dust) during the week ;)

    1. I love it that you think I dust - thank you! :)
      When I was picking up mail at the PO, most of it never left the foyer...that's where they keep the recycling bin.

  3. That is a wonderful present! Yes, somebody knows you. I would love to just handle it.

  4. Congratulations! Nice gift.
    PO Boxes...UPS and Fedex will deliver to a PO boxes. It depends on the company whether or not USP and Fedex deliver to the house, and, whether or not they insists on a street address. Overall, a PO Box is a dream to have. I look forward to the day the Post Office has a shred slot. :)

    1. The problem is, a lot of the things I order online - livestock supplies, etc. - can't be delivered to a PO Box. I don't know if it's a law or the vendors' policies, but it would certainly be a problem. If I could have a PO Box AND home delivery, and choose which to use for which purpose, it would be okay, but I don't think that is allowed by the PO? I'll ask the next time I'm in town during PO open hours...only a few hours daily. Small town!

  5. it looks great with your felted matt; use in good health and happiness!

  6. Ooh, how lucky are you? What a lovely surprise. I wish we got mail delivered daily. It used to be like that here but cut backs mean we only get deliveries twice a week. Birthdays can be miserable if your post doesn't arrive :(

  7. You are so very lucky! I, too, tend to forget to walk to check the mail. Surprises like that beauty are great motivation to remember!

    1. True, and now for the next couple of hundred trips to the letterbox, I will be sort of *expecting* to find a wonderful treat. I am very like Piper in some ways.

  8. Oh, what a treat! It's beautiful!. Packages are indeed the best. I tend to not be in a hurry to check the mail anymore because it's either bills, advertising, or donation requests, none of which are very exciting.

  9. Surprise gifts are the best! Congratulations on the fun mail


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