Sunday, February 15, 2015

lucky number

There were 74 names in the giveaway drawing, and the random sequence generator did it's stuff this morning.

The winner is #5:

Congratulations, Boud!
I hope you will enjoy your new constellation.
(Will the Dollivers claim naming rights?)
Email or ravPM your mailing address, and I will send your stars the very next time I can get to the Post Office. Lately that's been once/week on Saturday, so it may take a while...
but they'll be a-coming!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway.
I'm enjoying meeting new blogfolk thanks to Vicki's GYB Party,
and it's especially nice to see new names popping up in the comments!

Well, my "work" here is done.
Time to wade through the new
- and still falling -
water buckets in hand.

Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Quinn, you've been on my mind & have been praying for you several times daily. How are you?
    congrats to your winner!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra. I don't know if you get an email copy when I respond to comments here - do you? - just in case you don't, I'll catch up with you over at Thistle Cove Farm.

  2. Quinn, thank you SO MUCH! however, you will simply not believe it when you go to Field and Fen to see what's up there...I swear I had not been in here at ALL when I wrote the blogpost and did the drawing...

  3. Congrats to Boud! Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

  4. Congrats to Boud! I hope that you are staying warm there in wintery NE!

  5. Congratulations Boud! Now are those water buckets or ice buckets you're taking to the goats?! Our lake FROZE over since I was there on Thursday ... c.o.l.d. You'll need to stomp out a trail in the snow for Piper to race around outdoors. I think I'm going to walk my dog tomorrow ... cold or not! He's driving me crazy!! Wendy

  6. congratulations Boud that family of yours will be so exicted to have these beautiful stars!


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