Sunday, January 4, 2015

today's weather

Some snow.

Some sleet.

Some ice.

Some fog.

And the best response to such a mishmash of weather:

Some hay.


  1. Hi Quinn, The only difference from our weather and yours is that we didn't get the fog nor that much ice, but we had the rest. It held off until our son flew out, but he was routed through Chicago. Safely back to Louisianan. I liked the pictures that you took and thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  2. It's what they call wintry mix, which always makes me think of m and ms and peanuts and popcorn falling everywhere...and hay is a good answer to it.

  3. Hay seems like the perfect antidote to that kind of crazy weather!

  4. A cozy barn and a belly full of hay sounds like the best way to spend the winter! Ours is on the way.

  5. It looks cold!

    I've just been catching up here after my Christmas break from blogging. I LOVE the gable window solution, in fact the whole porch is looking mighty smart.

    Happy New Year! And may your 2015 include much happy sitting in your new room looking at the tree canopy :)

    1. Thanks so much Annie! Carpenter back next week for interior trim :)


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