Friday, September 19, 2014

AKC: actual knitting content

The History of Socks: an ongoing scarf made with leftover bits of sock yarn.

I didn't realize until I started writing this post, how many acronyms have become part of my fiber language. Since I don't know how many readers are knitters, I'll translate. These are not my own inventions - they are widely used in writing, though not necessarily in conversation.

After a long knitting hiatus, I've dusted off a few needles this week, and searched out a UFO (unfinished object) buried in the neglected yarn basket. Actually, I was expecting one UFO; this pair of socks that seemed oddly doomed, even back in 2010:

But I soon discovered this lone sock,
which I didn't even recall casting on:

Checked my project notes: sock cast on in 2012.

And...there's more.

So it's a really good thing that I've joined a special kind of KAL (knit-a-long) organized by two inspiring bloggers and podcasters - yarnsfromtheplain (link goes to Nic's podcast website) and Louise of KnitBritish, who I met in a knitting-related conversation on twitter a while ago. Coincidentally, it turns out Louise is from Lerwick, home of the Up Helly Aa festival!
Small world, this fiber world.

Specifically, this is a KAL for finishing up WIPs (work in progress) before casting on something new. The timing is important, as the unmistakable hints of Winter Coming send those of us in the northern hemisphere down the rabbit hole of pattern searches on Ravelry...
Winter! Coming!
Must cast on Hats! Mittens! Sweaters! Socks!

So clever Louise came up with a 2-month KAL, and called it:

#WIPCrackAway: a KAL to help you finish those WIPs!

And I am IN.
I decided to start with that single orange sock,
and over the past three days, there's been some progress.

Today the sock came along on Piper's very long walk.
I stopped for a while, and sat against a tree, knitting,
while Piper ran and ran and ran.

This was my view:

It took a while,
but Piper eventually decided to rest.
And by then, I was ready to walk again.
Sitting is not a longterm option for me.

Not for me, either!

So the now-bigger sock
went back in the bag.

But not for long!

Do you join KALs or other a-longs?
(This is my first one.)
Is it fun?
Does it help you stay on track with a project?
Please share your tips!


  1. Good for you getting some projects done. I don't do CALs (crochet-a-longs) because I never can stay on task. Things get finished around here whenever, however. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. Love the sock yarn scarf. And well done on finishing some WIPs, I must do the same but it is very hard isn't it.
    Caz xx

    1. I was honestly amazed at the number of UFOs I found...usually I finish a project or rip it out. Or so I thought! What kind of projects do you have lined up for finishing? Maybe we can encourage each other along!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)

  3. I love your UFO definition! There should be a television show so the many can get inspiration to finish them, like reading you post. I'm still at scarf level, but socks might not be far off.

    1. Ooh, do let me know when you decide to try socks! I am an A1 sock-knitting enabler.

  4. LOVE your UFO's...I'm actually pretty much of a finisher...obsessed knitter, I guess. I start and finish, because I become crazed the further along it gets. Can't wait to see what you accomplish, my friend. LOVE the photo of Piper - Happy Sunday, Quinn - XOXOXO

    1. Tanya, I am not surprised - the extremely high quality and all-round creative loveliness of your projects is just stunning! Your most recent bag left me nearly speechless.

  5. I am in awe of anyone who can knit socks. I have a few pair that were made for me by friends and I wear them daily in the winter. There's nothing as warm as hand knit socks.

    1. Do you knit, Sue? I love helping knitters get started on socks. Because socks are FUN to knit! Really, they are. No, really, they ARE!!! Also, addictive, which is why some sock-knitters are more than willing to assist others into the rabbit hole. Plenty of room - and yarn - down here! :)

  6. Acronyms, I have some too, WIP, lots, UFO, way too many, ING (in the garden), TTTDA, Too tired to do anything, and naturally, LOL, lots of love. Socks, well I didn't quite master them, my Grandma did so many pairs, on 4 needles, for soldiers in the second WW, and I still have her well worn steel needles. Lovely scarf, colours are some of my favourites, Cheers ,Jean. p.s. I hopped to you from KB, then scrolled down, saw NZ and a flag at the lower LHS, and knew I would leave some words.

    1. Welcome, Nancy! Thanks so much for visiting and especially for leaving your lovely comment. I wish I had my Grammy's knitting needles, but I do have many thriftshop sets for which I imagine a happy and productive past.
      NZ is the one place (or two, really) I would most love to visit. It sounds so beautiful and vast and unspoiled - I hope that is the reality.
      I sometimes wonder if readers ever see the flag map, and you are the very first to mention it! It is one of my favorite bits of blogging, and every time a new flag is added I marvel at this world we live in, and the miraculous ways people find each other and connect.

  7. Good to see you knitting. Love the fall colors of the socks. I have done some KALs with friends in the past. I think they are a fun way to keep you on track and turn your WIP into a FO ( finished object). :)

    1. It has been quite a while since I picked up the needles, but then, I don't have your inspiration(s) :)
      The orange socks are nearly done...all that's left is one toe, and stitching the picot edge in place on both cuffs. Then on to the next UFO!


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