Sunday, July 13, 2014

sunday in the barn

Why is it that 4 hours spent cleaning and puttering in a barn
is so genuinely satisfying...

 while 4 hours spent on housework 
is just one more futile attempt to get the house clean?

One of Life's Little Mysteries.

The crazy screen curtain experiment is working well.
Better than expected.
Throughout the day, the goats tend to rotate in little groups;
spending time on the sun-heated rocks in the paddock,
then resting in the damp shade under the barn
or in the big, relatively bug-free stall.

And goats of all ages enjoy wearing the curtains,
in a variety of creative stylings.

Azalea helping Lily with her veil.

Lily: Goat of Mystery

Azalea, Goat of Sweetness

Campion, Goat of Mischief.

Campion has his sweet moments, too.
Sometimes he even stands still.
Usually it's during the ten seconds right after he wakes up.
His interest in the screen curtains has been mainly focused on
chewing holes in the edges
and trying to tear them down.

It's an exhausting task.
But Campion has a strong Work Ethic.

I have no doubt what the final result will be.
I'm just hoping the curtains will last til Autumn.


  1. What the well dressed goat is wearing! Mantillas all round!

    1. Certainly if you ever heard the clattering of what sounds like hundreds of tiny hooves when they all run in and out of the barn, you'd think "flamenco!"

  2. Quinn, I dunno. To me, that's not such a *little* mystery! Dave hired someone to clean house so I could "play" in the man! How does that screen "door" work? I've been eyeing them...

    1. I'm hanging screen panels like curtains, with a little overlap. They are not a perfect solution by any means, but they really are making quite a difference in the sheer numbers of mosquitoes, deer flies, and horseflies!

  3. Campion cracks me up!!! I wonder if those curtains would work for horses? I have a friend who does all sorts of crazy things to keep flies away from her horses.... Hmm.

    I'd take cleaning a barn over cleaning a house any day!

    1. They might work even better, depending on the horse!

  4. I agree - houaework is the pits - no sooner are you finished than someone or some dog walk in all sorts of mess / grass fragments / twigs / wetness and you wonder why you bothered...

    1. Well, I know that within a few minutes of my thoroughly cleaning the barn, someone (or a whole gang of someones) is going to come clattering in and produce a pool of pee, then poop all over the place! Sometimes I kind of wish they would at least wait til I leave first, but it never seems to happen that way. ;)

  5. Oh I just love these little creatures. I never realised how adorable goats were until I met these guys.

  6. LOL! Campion's snoozing makes me laugh aloud.
    Goats do seem to be a cross between dogs and cats, but with more attitude.

    1. What surprises me is how different goats can be, as individuals. Even these four kids show quite a range of personalities, and it will be interesting to see how they grow and develop. My guess is that Campion's motto will be, "Once a pistol, always a pistol!" but he may surprise me by becoming a sedate and dignified goat.
      (But I would be REALLY surprised!)

  7. Maybe Campion needs his own fake curtain to play with inside the stall to distract him from the necessary bug curtain. He looks like lots of fun though ... love the way he flops for his nap, so carefree. I'd rather tend garden than do housework, it's all about being outdoors I think ;) Wendy x

    1. Interesting idea! Although I have considered building a wooden blocking sled (like football teams use for training) for Acer and Bet to play with. I've never deliberately made a goat toy for the kids. They consider the world one big goat toy! But now you've got me thinking...stay tuned! :)


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