Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a lovely day

Yesterday was a day of freezing rain, relentless and bone-chilling. But today has been a day of slightly lighter freezing rain. The bored goats are on extra hay rations, to give them something to do while they look out at the rain from their shelters, hour after hour. I don't think any goat has been outside for more than five minutes in the past two days.

Despite these somewhat grim conditions,
the carpenter and his assistant showed up right on time today
and got to work on the last open wall:

And when they left, the fourth wall was
my kind of wall:

mostly window.

Lots more to do, but it's a good start.
And it's pleasant to have people working here
who don't whinge about the weather.

I just remembered something:
years ago, a forester said to me,
"A good thing about you? You don't complain."
He said this on a bitterly cold December day after we had walked
high up a very steep slope in deep snow to look at a stand of trees,
then walked back down again.
At the time I said nothing but I thought,
"Heck, get to know me. I have better qualities than 'not a complainer.'"
But now I understand what he meant.
Everyone complains sometimes, but
it's just a nicer atmosphere when you're not waiting
for a chronic whiner to sound off about things that can't be changed.


The carpenters are scheduled to return tomorrow.

The weather is predicted to change tonight.

To snow.


  1. I am so happy that you found a reliable carpenter. I never have - they show up when they please, and that's not very often - so a simple project takes 5X longer than it should. I think that the first day in the freezing rain told you something about these guys' characters. And, I think that snow is nicer than freezing rain. I used to live in your neck of the woods, and I was glad to leave freezing rain behind when I moved here!

    1. I agree...I find snow easier to deal with than freezing rain. Up to a point, anyway. I think the point is somewhere below my knees. ;)

  2. Oh, I'm thinkibg loada of hor coffee, maybe a cup of hot soup at lunchtime to warm their innards and their hands...?

    Looking very good :)

    1. They are pretty focused and so far haven't even come in to warm up but I'm keeping a good fire in the woodstove just in case. I understand, though, When you're working outside and then you stop, getting started again is kind of tough. The hardest part of a winter day working on my feet in the woods was the first 5 minutes after taking a halfhour lunch break sitting in a truck with a heater on.

  3. A lovely day indeed! Wonderful news that your carpenter showed up right on time ... and with an assistant! Assistants are great and take the pressure off of you to offer any help. Now I can just picture that sliding door with a cute little deck in front with a nice comfy Adirondack chair with a cushion and a cup of tea on the wide arm. Of course a thick mat for Piper. It's coming along nicely, I can hear the relief in this post. Why not invite the goats up to the construction site for a bit of mental stimulation for them ;) We had about 6 inches of snow last night, nice & fluffy. I hope today goes just as well for you! Wendy x


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