Monday, November 17, 2014

freezing rain

I believed the weather prediction for a night and a day of rain, beginning Sunday. The high temperature was expected to hover below freezing point, so icing seemed likely, as well as relentlessly raw, wet conditions. Yesterday afternoon I texted the builder to cancel work on the porch today, put out extra hay and water buckets, and brought in plenty of wood.

By 3AM the freezing rain had begun. It hasn't stopped yet. Not heavy; almost a drizzle, but colder than rain and wetter than ice.
After their breakfast buckets, the goats opted to stay in their shelters all day, dozing and munching and watching the rain from the open doors.
The hens came out of the Poultry Palace as usual, but hastily disappeared under one of the outbuildings, and were not seen again til I put them to bed at dusk, which seemed to arrive at about 3 in the afternoon.
Piper abandoned her couch, rearranged one of the throw rugs to get it closer to the woodstove, and spent the entire day sleeping.


I can't say much was accomplished today.

But it was a very good day to be grateful for a roof and a fire.


  1. Freezing rain is one of the few things I do not miss about living in upstate New York ...

  2. Freezing rain, sleet is the one weather condition I dislike the most. I think it has no useful purpose on Earth. Sad to say, I had a dream there will be another awful (not that the all aren't) ice storm this year.

  3. Sorry, I don't seem to have a working email for you, so I have to answer your qu. on my blog here:

    About the raspberries,they're pretty tough to kill, so they could be moved fairly safely, I believe. About the perennials, it all depends what they are. If they're tough guys like daylilies, iris, they can be moved without turning a hair in my experience. Others not so sure. You could perhaps put up stakes in front of them with a big red area painted at the top to stick up above the snow to warn off the plow? the way we do here to keep the plows from knocking all the Belgian block everywhere. A lot depends on your plow driver, though.

  4. I was tempted to put my toes up next to your kick-ass photos of the fireplace. Stay warm, my friend!


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