Friday, November 28, 2014

authentic murk


We've had a bit of a storm, with heavy snow, downed limbs, power outage, and so on. Would you like to see a few snaps? They aren't much to look at, but they are quite accurate in their degree of murk.

I'd made a trip to the feedstore and gotten all the feed unloaded shortly before the predicted storm. And I've been getting the wood in for weeks, so no worries there. And lately I've been tackling the odd bit of fence-shifting and gate-adding with an eye to Winter short, I was feeling pretty darned smug about this predicted storm!

(Really - it's behind that big oak, see?)

Which is why it is so baffling that I neglected to do one thing I always do: fill several 5-gallon buckets for a reserve water supply. In fact, I was tucking the goats in early and with extra grub on Wednesday when I suddenly thought, "Wet snow. Branches will come down. I'd better head back inside and fill those buckets before we lose power." And as I reached up to turn out the light in the workshop, the light went out.

The view in one direction

The view in another direction.
(I think you can imagine the rest.)

So, it's been two days of kettles on the woodstove,
melting snow to keep the goats supplied with water.

A black goat, very well disguised.

Melting snow for water may sound romantic,
but personally, I find the Rugged Pioneer Effect wears off pretty quickly when it's my own darned fault that I have an extra task to do.
It was nice to have such easy access to clean snow, though;
I filled the kettles dozens of times just by leaning out the door.
Didn't even need to put my boots on.

Piper helping collect the mail
after our driveway was plowed:
This box - light but big - was quite a challenge!
I don't know who was more proud of her success,
Piper or me.

 Late this morning, utility workers from all over the Commonwealth
upped stakes from their encampment at the end of my driveway.
I had trudged down to thank them for their efforts in my area,
long before my power was actually restored.
I do not envy them their work!

But I also will not miss the flashing lights from the trucks
reflecting off my ceilings all night long.
Bizarre dreams.


Back soon, hopefully with brighter images!


  1. Yikes! Good thing you were mostly prepared. And all that snow was good for something. :) That Piper sure is a loyal and lovely helper. Warm wishes, Tammy

  2. ugg beautiful but I'm starting to realize I can do without it....we only got 3" but heavy...maybe I could borrow Piper to help me trug through to the mail.. Stay warm and bundled up ...pretend your a kid playing not adult working when out in it....

  3. How cold is around there?!??!?
    That sunset photo is breath taking...
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Well, I guess you don't have to think about moving your perennials anyway. One small consolation...but they're snug under the snow.

    1. Sadly, the snowplow got them again, and very thoroughly :(
      I'll be watching for any valiant sprouts and transplanting them as soon as possible this time!

  5. Oh dear ... what a pain with the water. Did the goats appreciate all your hard work on their behalf? I hope the gates/fence ideas worked out in the snow. That was a kind gesture to thank the workman - I'm sure they were glad to hear a kind word after long hours in the cold. Time for a mug of something hot Quinn! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I hope it's not quite as much work tomorrow ;) Wendy x

    1. Not sure about the appreciation! Campion plunked one of his feet right into a clean bucket of lovely snowmelted water and then stood there til I lifted his foot back out again. The water was much warmer than the ambient temperature. so it probably felt quite pleasant! But...yuck!

  6. I can guess who is enjoying the snow! What a tough life you lead in the harsh weather.

    1. You're right about Piper! For an animal with no apparent bodyfat, she is remarkably happy to play in the snow :)

  7. Oh my... we have the same situation - no power means no water. I am an obsessive hoarder of water because our power goes out on the most beautiful serene summer days with no warning. And can stay out, for 48 hrs or more.... So,. I understand. I sure hope that the power stays on for you and that you don't acquire the OCD over water that I have!

  8. Good job on the preparedness. We've been fortunate, it's been a long time since we were without power. I'm sure I'd forget some things too.


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