Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's here.

First, there were small indicatons.

But now, it's hard to miss.

Even from a distance.

Even if you don't look right at it.

I love Autumn, I do.

I wish it would go on and on and on.

Because as much as I try to be in the moment,
every now and then - 
like today, when I was sweeping rain out of the barn
and suddenly thought, "soon this will be snow"...

every now and then - 
like yesterday, stacking stovewood,
when I suddenly thought of the armloads
I'll soon be carrying in, after chores, day after frigid day...

well, every now and then, for just a moment,
I think of the coming Winter
with something less than a joyful heart.

I know it's coming,
and I hope I will love it.

But I know I love Autumn.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - glad I took a few snaps before the long rain started. I don't know how many leaves will be left on the trees when the sun comes out again! (It will come out again, right?)

  2. How lovely - you do live in a special part of the world :)

    Don't worry winter will be gone and then you'll have spring.

    "To everything, turn, turn, turn,
    There is a season, turn, turn, turn..." ;)

  3. Hello QuInn! Sorry I haven't been over for ages - I've missed my bloggy friends! Your Autumn photos are beautiful, I usually bumble along forgetting to notice the changing seasons but I am trying hard to pay more attention xx

    1. Hiya Lucy! Thanks for dropping by! I thought of you recently, because I wore one of you beautiful crocheted flowers to the Vermont fiber festival :)

  4. Autumn is my fave time of the year!
    I just love the smells and the colours...humm!

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    Another beautiful fall scene is a dusting of snow. The same snow I wish would only flurry on Christmas Eve.

    1. Yep. The first snow is almost always dazzlingly pretty! (I'm remembering the huge blizzard we had in October not very long ago...that one was NOT pretty.) On the bright side, this year I have the new "big" barn, which I hope will make some of the chores simpler...guess I'll find out!

  6. Fall is a favourite time of mine too. After last winter, my love of the short dark days has altered. For now, I'll just enjoy the crisp leaves and brilliant blue skies. A gorgeous day today, with the sun just rising now :) Wendy x

  7. Quinn- beautiful autumn images. The colors are just stunning-- I love the reflections in the water:)

    Thank you for your visit-- your lovely words-- and your support always.
    Love, love

  8. You expressed my feelings perfectly. Your photos are so beautiful - showing those vibrant New England autumn colors. Yes, let it go on and on and on...

  9. Quinn, I'm with you, woman! Tonight, it's cold, rainy, windy and just November'ish; a preview of the month to come. I'd rather have snow than rain but no one asked for my vote -lol-.


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