Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's time for a little giveaway.

This time, it's fibery in nature. It's this lovely yarn, hand-dyed by the wonderful
Blue Moon Fiber Arts: Socks That Rock, Silkie.
81% superwash merino and 19% silk...very soft and pretty.
So soft, in fact, that I don't think it is really a "sock" yarn. More a "soft-on-the-skin scarf" yarn, or "luscious cowl" yarn or "beautifully shaded hat" yarn or...
but that's up to you (the winner).
You won't need any guidance from me.
If you hold this skein in your hands, you will know exactly what to do.

And if you don't, you will have a lot of fun deciding.

This time, in order to enter, you have to do something.
One of three things. Any one of the three will do.

First, choose any cat shelter. 
(That's not one of the three options; in knitter parlance, that's the set-up row).

Then make any type of donation to help the cat shelter of your choice.
Just a little support for the wonderful work they do every day. 

You could:

1) make a monetary donation of any size at all, which can be as simple as dropping your change into a cat shelter collection jar on your next shopping trip


2) contribute a bit of your time or talent to help out in some way, large or small (not necessarily at the shelter; for example, you might volunteer to help at a fundraising event, or donate your skill as a photographer to help your shelter publicize the cats available for adoption)


3) donate something from the shelter's "wishlist." Most shelters have such a list, often on their website. It may include simple things like soft old towels for bedding, or paper towels, or even postage stamps for the shelter's office mail. I just learned today of a shelter that has an Amazon link on their website, so kind contributors can have wished-for items shipped directly to the shelter. Nice.

If your shelter does not have a website or a wishlist, just call them and ask what they need. Chances are, they will have a suitable suggestion or two. And they will be happy to hear from you.

That's it. Just do any one of those three simple, wonderful, helpful things.

Then leave a comment on this post. 
You don't have to say anything about your specific donation if you don't choose to; what matters is that you've done it. So just do it, then comment. If your entire comment is "Done!" you are in the drawing.

And be sure I have a way to contact you if you win.
Random drawing on Sunday, 25 May; winner's name posted on the blog Monday 26th.
I will be happy to send the yarn anywhere on the planet,
at my expense, and with my very best regards.

Thank you so much.

Please share this giveaway in any way you choose...
links, tweets and word-of-mouth much appreciated!



  1. I am a founding member of Husker Cats - the volunteer organization that cares for the feral cats on UNL's city campus. I am in charge of coordinating all the feeders. We have 8 feeding stations on campus and have TNR'd (trap, neuter, realeased) over 100 cats. So, I'm all set with the volunteering. : )

  2. I have knitted dozens of little blankets for kitties, one per kitty, to go with them permanently when they get out of the foster network run by our local ResQ program. When they go out "on show" at Petsmart, their blankies go with them into their crates to hold onto firmly, many won't let go, these are security blankets for many kitties. Then once placed in a permanent home, their blanket goes with them as their luggage! I have pix of recipients holding on with all four paws to their possession. So that's it for my sharing of time and talent in a good kitty cause.

  3. I walk dogs every other weekend at the St. Paul Animal Humane Society ( and often stop in to visit the kitties after my shift. But I want to hug and kiss them and they DO. NOT. WANT. So I'm pretty sure that doesn't count towards the giveaway, lol; the cats may view my presence as a hindrance rather than any sort of help. But I love that you’re encouraging animal philanthropy!

  4. You are right. Our local shelter has a list of needed items:
    My kids are done with school ALREADY; I'll be sending them down with our donation as one of their chores tomorrow.

  5. We donate monthly to our local shelter. We buy an extra bag of cat food and occasionally foster an adoptable cat that's "time has run out".

  6. My friend fosters cats. She just had a fundraiser so the cat could have surgery and I participated.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  7. I knit blankies for kitties. These kiddos need security bankies just like human kiddos do. I also make cat toys for them to play with. The Humane Society has so very many cats in need that I can hardly keep up with them.

  8. Whenever I spot humane live-traps and good-condition animal carriers for sale at yardsales or in the classifieds, I buy them and donate them to our local charities running TNR programs. My donations this month include boxes of books for a fund-raising book sale, and food and cleaning supplies to the humane society . Of my four current cats, one was a semi-feral who chose to come to me when he was injured, one was brought home by another semi-feral I was already feeding, and two were neighbourhood dumps -- I couldn't live without them!

    1. ..... and I'm nicewitch on Ravelry :)

  9. I won an online contest last year, where the prize was a $500 donation to a charity of my choice. I donated it to Preventing Euthanasia Through Rescue (PET Rescue) (aka Maine Coon Cat Adoptions, were we adopted our cat three years ago)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  10. Well now, that's a nice way to do a giveaway. Making sure everyone is giving back. And it sounds like everyone is doing great things for our furry friends. Over the years, I have rescued Persians and paid for 2 to be sent to Canada for adoption. I donate when I can when I can but mostly I feed many street kitties on a daily basis. They are all waiting for me every day as they know I am the lady with the food. They even know the sight of my car when I am coming down the road. Ha! Wishing you a wonderful week. I laughed at your comment on my food post. :) Thanks for the compliment about home and food. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. We donate monthly to the local Cat Care Society, and periodically buy items on their wish list to donate. They had put out an urgent call last week for non-clumping clay litter. When I discovered that Walmart offered free shipping for orders over a certain dollar amount, I ordered 300 pounds of litter, and had it delivered directly to them. Much easier on my back!

  12. I do drop tins of cat food into the local shelter's collection box in the supermarket. And I'm co-founder of a successful whippet rescue, although these days my partner in crime runs it on her own, does that count?

    Lovely giveaway idea m'dear :)

  13. quinn, a lovely giveaway but don't include me...I'm up to my ears in feral barn cats and it's all I can do to catch and neuter/spay. I can't begin to count the cats Dave and I have spayed/neutered over the years and then given a lot away or kept a lot. right now I've got 6 house cats, fixed, so working on the barn cats is next step.

  14. I help spay and neuter shelter cats every Friday. I am a vet student and love to help as well as get experience.

  15. Oh my goodness the yarn is gorgeous! What a great idea for a giveaway. I will probably donate to the shelter we got Sam and Katy from. It's not close but I get over that way from time to time. Will come back, report what I did, and mark this "Done." I'm motivated to do it by May 25th. :)

  16. I donate $$ to a cause my BIL supports. My BIL has taken in many strays over the years (6 or 7 at one time). He used to trap strays to get them checked out, spayed, vaccinated… and adopted. doesn’t have that time anymore, but still raises money for organization - I donate every year and tell others about events.
    kmhs on Ravelry

  17. I donated a beautiful cat bed to my local cat shelter....Sullivan County Humane Society....they only have cats...

    nhsarab on Ravelry
    Nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  18. We have adopted 4 times from our local shelter and continue to donate food.

    NanaMamah on Rav


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