Monday, April 28, 2014

three notes

I was looking for my smallest circular needle today and found it
tucked into a project bag, in one of my baskets, already engaged:

Isn't this pretty?

I only wish I could remember what I did there. And why. Probably just a swatch, experimenting with symmetrical shaping. (That sounded all good and purposeful, didn't it? Heh.)

Someday maybe I will get better about making notes while I am fooling around with knitting. Or dyeing. Or cooking, even. When I used to do my own darkroom work, I was very good about writing things down, all the time. Every contact sheet and every test print and every final print carried lightly penciled numbers on the back, so I could tell exactly what the conditions and timing had been for that particular print. If I could keep good notes in the dark, hour after hour, you'd think simply jotting down a few knitting/dyeing/cooking notes once in a while would be pretty simple, wouldn't you?
Yep. I'll work on it.


Speaking of cooking, here's a fun fact that may be useful.
If you have a large crockpot/slow cooker, but only wish to make
a small amount of something,
you can simply place a smaller container in the crock
and you're good to go!
I've been doing this ever since I picked up a massive old crockpot
at a tag sale. Easy peasy!

This is a 4-cup pyrex container,
sitting on the bottom of a 7-quart crockpot:

This was an experiment with a sort of baked egg dish.
I did not want to risk a dozen eggs on an experiment,
so this was 5 eggs, a splash of milk, some grated cheddar, and a sweet pepper.

It came out pretty well, I think.
Moist and tasty.
Oh, I just realized:
by posting about it here,
I have already made notes about this experiment!

And as a postscript to yesterday's report about Piper in the woods, I have more recent excitement to share. Very early this morning, Piper suddenly exploded into loud barking - the growly, serious barking that means I am out of bed and in my dungarees before I even know what has happened.
Piper was heading for the back door, so I got in front of her and peered out the window into the dim light of dawn. And there I immediately saw the source of Piper's (ongoing, frantic) outrage.
It was a turkey.
A turkey in a tree.

YOU say turkey. I say Bizarre Levitating DeathMonster. 

I appreciate your effort, Piper, but I like wild turkeys.
I fact, I kind of hope this one will stick around and maybe raise a family nearby.
Let's try to make it feel just a little more welcome, shall we?

Hmmmph. Nothing that big should be in a tree, over our heads.
Waiting to swoop down on us because we DIDN'T BARK AT IT.
You know what? Being your bodyguard is no picnic.


  1. I'm with Piper...and they're ugly, too! :-) Thanks for the tip on the crockpot. Hope you find something to make from that pretty knitting (beautiful yarn)...maybe a turkey neck warmer!

  2. Too funny. I was wondering if you had a bobcat in the woods. A turkey is not quite as, um, exciting!

    1. What baffles me is how Piper, who had been sleeping at the opposite end of the house, even knew it was there. It's not like a turkey sitting in a tree makes a lot of noise!

  3. Ah Quinn, I've been trying to get all those UFO's collected...thus far, I've failed. So many projects and needles NOT being used. Mercy.
    Piper is a good watchdog even if it was a turkey. Having dogs bark makes me happy.

    1. Yes, part of what made Piper's behavior yesterday so eerie was that she did NOT bark, even though she was clearly upset. Today's over-reaction was a lot more normal! :)

  4. That's clearly a doll's dress in progress..the knitting I mean.

    1. Ha! You may be right! It would be a very pretty doll's dress. Would require a lining though...maybe deep cobalt blue. Or scarlet!

  5. Nice egg dish! I would never have thought of putting a smaller dish inside the bigger crock pot. Ingenious!

    1. Not sure where I learned this a few years ago, but could well be from Steph O'Dea at her "A Year of Slow Cooking" blog. Many great recipes and tips!

  6. Curious piece, I like the feather or pine tree pattern. So I search online and found one I like with the directions! Not the same as yours though. Could yours be a ruffle?

  7. That knitting IS pretty! A nice little inspiration :) I write notes directly into my cookbooks ... as long as my husband doesn't whisk them away before I jot things down. I like using old cookbooks of my mother's and a great aunt that have all sorts of little suggestions penned in the margins ... it's like we're all cooking together. How nice to have a turkey in the yard ... I thought you were going to say it was a bear! Maybe some corn scattered on the ground will entice him to stick around (although Piper probably has other ideas there). What a good dog to notice an intruder whether good or bad ;) Wendy x

    1. A bear is one of the first things I thought of, because it's about that time. Piper's seen bears before, though, and at very close range, so her reaction was not what I'd expect. I may never know.

  8. Swooping turkeys are pretty freaky! I'm on Piper's side, although I love wild turkeys too!

    Great idea for the huge crockpot!

  9. Hi Quinn...I envy you! I would love to be able to knit, just to have the patience would be quite a feat. I have a cook pot that has had very little use since we have been empty nesters. You just gave me a brilliant idea!

    Love how your little guy is befriending turkey's. We have two on our property ( i hope they are still there) which I look forward to seeing next week.

    Just want to say as well...that I am finally getting to your postcard! Sorry for the delay, I had you on the "sent" list and realised that I had not written a PC to you yet. I blame it on the tropical heat. ;)

    Sending you warm wishes from Saigon...
    Jeanne ;)

    1. If you are about to undertake a massive construction project on your new (so to speak) home, I'd suggest that this is an ideal time to take up knitting. It can be an excellent tension-tamer, and a very useful tool for transitioning between high levels of concentration to a meditative calmness ;)


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