Wednesday, April 2, 2014

birthday boys

Happy 2nd Birthday, Acer and Betula!

Hard to believe it was two years ago today.

Two years since your Mama looked at the calendar and said,
"Well, it's pretty cold, and it's really windy.
But it's the 150th day, and the sun is shining, so...Tick-tock!"

Two years since I knelt on the ground,
cutting my fleecy scarf into custom-fit Goat Coats,
hastily stitching them up with scrap yarn and my kitchener needle.

Born To Dance

aka The Maple Man.
aka The Gentleman Goat.

aka The Birch Boy.
aka You Betcha!

And today...

Hard to remember a time when these handsome boyos weren't part of the herd.


  1. Happy Birthday Acer and Betula!
    They've grown up to be very handsome goats. No doubt from being very well cared for

    1. Thanks - I try, but there's always something to learn :)

  2. What a pair of cuties! Their fur looks incredible. It makes me want to be able to pet them! And, I love their "Kid Coats".

  3. Awwww ... baby goats are born so happy and funny :) Such sweet little faces on these guys, and those endearing smiles. These look like a couple of much cuddled 'kids'. Wendy x

  4. Ohhhh I love their sweet faces:)


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