Saturday, March 8, 2014

did you miss me?

This has been a very quiet winter for Ms. Piper.
And that's why she has not appeared on the blog for a while.
I've not been getting very interesting pictures.

A typical day might include:

Breakfast, chores, playing outside.
Tricks and treats!
Keeping a close eye on things outside the windows and 
Barking Quite Suddenly and Very Loudly!
Acting as if the barking Never Happened.
Getting the mail on the Driveway of Ice! Wheee!
Observing indoor activities.
Helping with the laundry.
Chores, playing outside.
Offering to carry one of the empty feed buckets.
Running into the snow and hiding the feed bucket where it will never be found.
Looking really innocent and cute about the feed bucket thing.
 More sleeping.

A pleasant enough way to spend a day, but quiet.
And missing the long walks and woodland runs of Spring, Summer and Autumn.

So today, when the thermometer registered 30F (!!!), we took a ride to the little pond. I managed to get the car into a tiny little pull-out, and swapped my spiked boots (which I needed to get from the house to the car) for my knee-high muck boots (because the snow is still knee-deep), and off we went.

The condition of the snow would have made for pretty good snowshoeing, but honestly, snowshoeing with Piper? It could only indicate a Death Wish.

"Come ON! ComeoncomeoncomeON!"

There was much running, sniffing, rolling, digging. 
There was leaping onto and off of snow banks.

There was leaping and cavorting around companions, as well. 

And eventually, long after I was exhausted, Piper started to look a wee bit tired.

I very slowly took off my mitten and reached deep into my pocket.

And we instantly went from this:

to this:

The miraculous rejuvenating power of the Most Excellent Favorite Treat!

I have yet to discover the treat that can work a similar miracle on my own energy level.
But I'll keep looking for it.


  1. Awwww, what a great sequence. I really treasure the little comments you throw off about the boots, that kind of thing, your everyday, my exotic!

  2. well you know we have missed you dear Piper. How lovely to see you enjoying your wonderful home. What a perfect dogs playground!

  3. Nothing like a pocket treat to perk one up :)

  4. Gosh, I love Piper! She's looks like a bundle of joy. I'm glad she was able to get out and model for a few photos.

    1. She is a very joyful girl. Which means everyone around her tends to be smiling :)

  5. Piper's winter days sound like my dog's. He follows me every single time I make a move. He sits when I sit. It can get a bit annoying though. He's missed his winter woodland walks too, and I haven't even tried to get there because I know the ice is still thick under the thin(ning) layer of snow in town, and it takes longer to melt in the woods. Soon though. Love the shots of Piper, what a good girl sitting all calm and well trained for her treat ;) Wendy x

    1. So true about the's really pretty treacherous here, too. Far more dangerous than the snow!

  6. What a big hairy goofball. You have an awesome dog!

    1. She is and I do! And I just found your blog, and laughed out loud at the latest post. :)

  7. Piper is a shaggy love! So much fun in the snow!

  8. I did miss Piper, and I loved your description of her winter schedule. Lots of laughs for me!

    Great photo series - it looks like Piper had tons of fun! I hope that you did too.

  9. That Piper is just too darn cute! Sending warm wishes, Tammy


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