Friday, May 3, 2013


It wasn't exactly a "New Year's Resolution," but this year I have been making an effort to have a few fresh flowers in the house at all times.

An occasional trip to the local florist shop has provided colorful carnations and aromatic hyacinths:

But now the flowers are homegrown.

And glorious!

For many years I did not like to cut flowers, especially as the survival rate for my plantings is very low.  (It's a combination of poor soils, low light, and my not-green-at-all thumb.)

Then I realized something.  The hardy survivors, these scattered clumps of healthy, flowering plants are usually seen - at most - once daily.

In fact, there have been years when the short-lived blooms had already come and gone before I thought to look for them!


But this Spring, when I cut flowers and bring them into the house, they are seen and truly appreciated.

Dozens of times.

Every day.

Seems like a good idea!
I wonder how many of my other routines could do with a re-think.


How about you?  Are there any routine things you have begun to do in a different way, and found it to be a wonderful improvement?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Those daffodils are gorgeous! I love the color. Great photos too.

    I'm in the middle of going through things, moving things around, changing things up, and trying to look at things in new ways. It's so refreshing to try doing things differently.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Have mercy, those flowers are beautiful!

  3. I hadnt thought of it that way but your passion flowers last a day but once when my grandson pulled one off and we lay it in water it lasted for days in the house and was a joy to look at.

    And colour within eyes view and maybe even a a blessing

  4. sure looks like spring at your place; I'm green with envy!

  5. I've heard that when you cut the blooms, you encourage new growth, so I think it's a very good thing that you are now enjoying those beautiful flowers inside rather than allowing them to wither away outside. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  6. A fair few folk have suggested to me that flowers should be left in the garden, which is fine if you spend a lot of time in it, or have a good view of it from your house, otherwise I think you're right, bring flowers indoors where you can enjoy them far more. I just have to watch that the whippets don't try to eat them!


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