Monday, November 4, 2013

attn: knitters of whimsy

Glad tidings, knitters of whimsical items! 

It's clear from reading fibery blogs that holiday gift-knitting is in full swing for many crafty folk. And much of that gift-knitting is in the "cute stuff for kids" category.

So when I saw that Morehouse Farm CritterKnits (usually $9.99) is a free Kindle download at the moment, it seemed worth a quick post.

Wish I could post more of the pattern pictures, but I'm not sure about the legality of posting display pages from Amazon. I hope just this picture of the cover will be okay!

These patterns get rave reviews from knitters, both for the patterns and the results. So if a pair of lobster mittens or a striped gecko scarf sounds like just the thing to keep a loved one (or oneself) cheerful in the third month of winter, hurry and download, as it may not be free for long!

Margrit Lohrer is a gifted designer, and she and her husband, Albrecht Pichler, raise sheep in New York State. Several years ago I bought some of their Morehouse Farm Merino yarn at Rhinebeck and saw many of the designs firsthand.

I would love to visit their farm someday. And if I ever do, I should like to be wearing an alligator scarf.

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