Saturday, September 14, 2013

in the clear

We've been having a stretch of dreadfully humid, stale weather. Like breathing through a damp sponge. Sweating standing still. Interspersed with powerful thunderstorms. For days and days.

Yesterday we got a break! With clear skies and fresh air. Even a bit of sunshine. I hastened through morning chores so Piper and I could head for the woods and the pond.

We had a glorious time! Piper was in non-stop Action Mode: running, exploring, sniffing, rolling ,and splashing. I took lots of ungrey, unfoggy, unmurky pictures.

Shall I go this way first?

Or shall I go that way?

Perhaps a beverage while I consider my options....

I'm delighted to see so many bees at work, both at home and in the open areas within the woodlands. I tried to get some pictures of the bees on the goldenrod yesterday. Piper helped by coming to heel while I fiddled with the camera, so the bees wouldn't fly off as she raced by.

Okay, here we are. Holding perfectly still. Looking at a bee.

Remind me why we're doing this?

This is why, Piper!

At one point, a bee I was photographing suddenly lifted off from the flower several feet in front of us, and flew straight to another flower right next to me. And directly over Piper's head.

Good girl, Piper! You are a pro!

We seem to be back to grey skies, humidity and looming rain today, but so far the air is refreshingly cool - perfect temperature for the heavier seasonal tasks that have been sidelined for the past week and more. This is a weekend when a lot must be done. So glad we got out for a purely entertaining wander yesterday. Piper does me the great favor of making walks in the woods a Priority Item, when I might otherwise think there are more important things to be done.

I would be wrong.
Here's hoping your weekend will be highlighted with moments of pure joy.


  1. We used to have a Great Dane which always ate any bees which flew his way. The performance afterwards when the mouth was hurting was too hysterical, but there was nothing we could do to stop him from catching them in the first place...

    1. Ouch! Sometimes it's hard to understand why they don't learn from experience(s)...arguing with skunks come to mind!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Great job taking them. What kind of dog is Piper? He seems to be a great companion for sure.
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

    1. Thanks so much - pictures are much easier to take when the air isn't full of water!
      Piper is a rescue, and her parentage is shrouded in mystery. I have decided she is a Scottish Monkeyhound: a Scottish Deerhound crossed with a monkey ;)


  3. Darling Piper, I love to see photos of her out and about having a great time. I just showed my brother, he has not seen Piper before and he said Roobarb and she must be distant cousins :-)

    1. I agree with your brother! Sometimes I do a doubletake at your pictures of Roobarb - the resemblance is just astonishing.

  4. I'm so glad that you had that glorious non-humid and clear day. It looks like Piper had a wonderful time! I love the Goldenrod (?) photos with the bee. Well taken!

    1. Thanks! The camera I'm using is not really designed for close work, so when I get a decent result it is a nice surprise. Sometimes I miss my fancypants DSLR, with its superb macro and rapid-fire capabilities, but this one has the HUGE advantage of fitting in my pocket!

  5. We've had slightly cooler weather since last Saturday-and I've been enjoying it! Love your photos-makes me wish I was there for the walk too : )

    1. I'd love to show you some of walking trails around here, Tipper! Bet we could find some treasures in the old cellarholes :)


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