Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a few snaps

Seeing so much beauty and so many interesting things on even a short walk...just a few images to share!

An extremely huggable Piper, fresh from a real bath - clean water, shampoo, the works!

I don't know if you can tell, but this little fern has grown right through a hole in the Rubus leaf, reaching for the sun.

Also enjoying the sun...this fritillary is a bit tattered, but still dazzling.

Moose hoofprint, with my hoof next to it for scale. I kept Ms. Piper on the lead until we were well past the place where the moose had headed back into the woods. I don't know what an unleashed Piper would do if she saw a moose at close range - and I hope I never find out!



  1. Oh very smart Miss Piper, your tan highlights really show up a lovely pale gold when you are freshly laundered :-)
    Now I wonder how long you will stay all clean and fluffy! x

  2. That's one big hoof print! I agree about moose and dogs - not a good mix. I saw some tracks here the other day too.

    I adore that photo of Piper.

    1. I wish it was a scratch-and-sniff picture of Piper, because she now smells like dog and nothing else. Very pleasant! ;)


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