Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hollywood snow

We've had a few dustings since the last real snow.

In fact, just yesterday we had a fresh inch or so, but it was very peculiar.  It looked like something created in a Special Effects studio, by someone who had never seen actual snow.

This didn't look like snow at all; more like some type of very lightweight plastic material, blown out of a giant machine to turn a film set into
"New England Landscape." 

It wasn't flakes.  

It was fluffy, yet sort of clumpy, bits.

It was bits of clumpyfluff.
I don't know if these picture can convey
 how totally un-snowlike this snow really was.

Maybe a close-up will help?  You can also click any of these pictures
to embiggen.

The weatherpeople say we are likely to receive quite a skyload of snow in the next couple of days.  If it turns out to be more of this fluffy, odd-looking material, I will let you know.  And I won't be complaining.  Two feet of this stuff would certainly be a lot lighter than two feet of real snow.


  1. It doesn't snow here so to me it looks like snow!

    1. Exactly!
      Also, may I came live with you? You like goats, right? ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Sort of, except it is all loose and weightless. Very odd!

  3. Beautiful, Quinn. I would have liked to look at this snow with a magnifying glass. I imagine the crystals are spectacular.

  4. Looks like you will be in it before too long! Stay warm and safe and dry. And takes lots of pictures This one is for the record books! I love being snowbound. Hot chocolate by the fire, cookies in the oven, bread in the maker, chili on the stove! What could be more fun! (Ok, throw some knitting in there, and a good old black and white movie, that is if the power doesn't go out)...


    Aloha from Vicki

  5. famous last words...I think you're in the path of the storm, aren't you? be safe, stay warm and put on a pot of beans.

  6. I like Granny Sue's get a magnifying glass. I bet those flakes were beautiful! Stay warm this weekend!

  7. Agreed looks more like a heavy frost that has flakes in it...I'm use to snow born along the Canadian border in NY and living in Pa...we're presently starting a snow dump today..

  8. I hope you are surviving the storm. The snow flakes in your pictures are intriguing. I wonder if there is a meterological name for them.

  9. Fantastic. Clumpyfluff is my new favourite word. I love the way this type of light flaky snow catches the sun.

  10. It looks like fluffy stuffing -- the same kind I fill my little heart sachets with. :) Warm wishes, Tammy


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