Friday, February 1, 2013

And the winners are....

The results are in, for the very first Comptonia giveaway!

The nuts & bolts:
I assigned a number to each entry in each drawing, then used the free random number generator from to select the winners.

Drumroll, please.

The winner of the tiny embroidered purse from Mongolia is:


Congratulations, InJuneau!  Your little prize will be on its way north (way way north!) as soon as you send me your mailing info via an email or a PM on rav.
Another drumroll?
Too much suspense?
Okay, then. Without further ado:

The winner of a felted wool eyeglass case from Kyrgyzstan is:

Ronda at Mountain Delights

Congratulations, Ronda!  Please email your mailing address and tell me whether you would like the grey or the tan case, and I will send your selection ASAP.
Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing and to everyone who has visited during the first two weeks of this blog's existence. I appreciate each and every comment and email, and am grateful for all the encouragement!

It's very flattering that so many readers have chosen to "follow" Comptonia.  I am such a rookie blogger, I am still trying to understand the difference between subscribing to a blog in an RSS feed (which is what I have always done in the past) and "following" or "joining" a blog.  (Is also a there a difference between "following" and "joining"?  Oh, there is so much to learn!)

It's lovely to meet so many new bloggy-friends, thanks to Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party.  I'm still wending my way through the list of participants, and enjoying each garden, project, and cup of tea along the way  :)

There will be more posts to come soon, on this fledgling blog.  There will be crafty creative stuff (I hope), trees and plants (lots), cooking (a little), and occasional guest appearances by Piper, who now wishes me to address her as Your Bloggy Highness...but I am resisting!

And, of course, there will be goats.  Please come back and visit again  :)


  1. Quinn, I'm so excited I won. I emailed you my info. Thank you so much.

  2. Congrats to your winners, Quinn...and, on YOUR win this morning, as well - make sure you tell that to Your Bloggy Highness! :-) So glad to have met you - will be seeing you around here, much more! Keep up with the blogging - have a fabulous weekend...Tanya

  3. congratulations to the winner; it's a beautiful purse.

  4. Congratulations to the lucky winners! ;) Quinn, beautiful blog!

    1. Obrigada! :) I hope you will visit again and again!

  5. It is a pleasure to read your blog...When you do another Giveaway, please can I win a goat?! Yours are so lovely! (Though I fear our cats might object!)

  6. Hello again :)

    Re. the following versus subscribing thing. The FriendConnect gadget that people follow on is now only available on Blogger blogs and adds the followed blog to the list in the followers Blogger profile. Following via the RSS feed, on the other hand, generally means adding the blog to Google Reader or similar, or receiving email notifications of new posts. Those people won't be counted by FriendConnect which is a rather more public way of declaring your allegiance to a blog.

    Hope that helps, and as Fat Dormouse said, if you're ever giving away a goat let me know ;)

    1. Thanks for explaining that so clearly, Annie! I was finding the same posts (from other blogs) listed in both my RSS reader and my blog "following" list, and was reading things either twice or not at all...very confusing, and I didn't want to miss anything! Plus, it didn't seem to be consistent, but now I understand RSS feed is not all Blogger blogs!!
      And now I'm wondering if I should email instead of replying here, so YOU won't miss the reply...hmmm.


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