Thursday, January 17, 2013's winter again

Yesterday I woke sometime in the wee dark hours and opened the back door to breathe some crisp night air.  Do you do this?  I recommend it. It's the same sort of pleasure as burying your face in a pile of laundry fresh from the line.  Ahhhhhhhh!

I don't know why the falling snow was such a surprise.  It is January in New England, after all.

But...wasn't it only a couple of days ago I was working outside in shirtsleeves?

That was a glorious gift of a day - Spring in the middle of Winter! - and every creature felt it.  Chickadees were following me around like Disney birds.  The 9-month-old goats, now at an age where they are beginning to take themselves Rather Seriously, were bouncing around like popcorn.

Aha!  A warm, dry day = an unexpected opportunity to tackle neglected tasks that should have been done and dusted well before winter.  Must work quickly.  Can't expect warm weather to last, obviously.

Obviously.  But still, in the middle of the night, when the light from my open door fell on several inches of fresh snow and more falling, my first thought was, "What???"

My second thought was, "Rats, I wonder if I left any tools out."




  1. Oh dear.

    And here I was worrying about leaving a saw outside with a chance of showers!

    Yep, oh dear. :)

  2. Winter arrived here yesterday and the whole of southern England ground to a halt!

    I don't venture outside in the middle of the night (although I know what you mean about that fresh night air) but if I wake up I do love to peek out of the curtains and see what the world is doing :o)


  3. Replies
    1. I feel better just knowing I'm not the only one! ;)

  4. Looks like absolute heaven to me! I love winter and I love snow!

    1. I am taking names of people who would like to come and do chores in February! ;)


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